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Internal Affairs

Done right, it can help satisfy the public and treat your people fairly
Veteran LAPD IA investigator Marlon Marrache discusses the inner workings of an internal affairs unit
Learn how police departments can use technology to identify problematic officer conduct.
Retired officer Nabil Haidar said he was the target of anti-Muslim remarks, claiming the harassment caused him to suffer depression, anxiety and PTSD
The NYPD holds that even though he was cleared of spying, Baimadajie Angwang should be fired for insubordination after failing to show up to an internal affairs interrogation
The 185 firearms that are unaccounted for are a mix of guns that were part of the Sheriff’s Office’s arsenal and weapons that were confiscated from people
Just before the release of 20 hours of footage, a judge delayed the release to allow the state and defendants to review the footage
Chief Art Acevedo says so far there hasn’t been more evidence since Officer Tam Pham was arrested this week for involvement in the Capitol siege
A civilian board could investigate an officer only after someone complained of “excessive or unnecessary force,” according to the proposal
Guardian Tracking software highlights positive reinforcement to encourage good officers to stay
The documentation associated with investigating use-of-force incidents can consume a substantial number of hours. By using purpose-built software to compile these reports, law enforcement agencies can significantly reduce the time devoted to creating this documentation, while improving the accuracy of its content and the review of this information by investigators.