Video: Domestic violence suspect shoots self in front of LAPD station

The man pulled a gun on himself after his girlfriend told officers he was armed

By Police1 Staff

LOS ANGELES — Body cam footage shows the tense moments leading up to the suicide of a man suspected of domestic violence. 

Former supercross racer Tyler Evan, 38,  was waiting outside an LAPD station Sept. 15 while his girlfriend, who had filed a domestic violence report against him the day before, went in to notify officers he was outside with a gun, according to an LAPD news release

Body cam footage shows officers approached Evans, who did not comply with repeated instructions to turn around and put his hands up. 

“We’re gonna shoot you!” an officer warned before another fired a 40 mm less lethal munition. Officers fired two 40 mm munitions and a bean bag before Evans shot himself in the head. 

Evans died at the scene. No officers were injured in the incident. 


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