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An official said the department will keep desk officers on patrol until they’re no longer needed or the department can no longer function with administrative duties going undone
The increase — 30 percent over the next three years — will, for the first time in the department’s recent history, make officer wages competitive with other agencies in the region
Larry Esquivel was abruptly fired from his current job as chief of Tracy police under mysterious circumstances
Quartermaster software can help your agency keep track of mission-critical supplies and better plan for budgets and replacement costs
This free white paper describes the steps needed to build a case for automated scheduling that aligns with your agency’s goals
Communication problems, especially reliability and interoperability, are widespread and complicate preparedness, training and response
IACP says putting them back in circulation “increases the availability of firearms which could be used again to kill or injure”
Lt. Danita Pettis claims the president of the local Fraternal Order of Police lodge told officers she was promoted because of her complaints about racism and sexism
Police departments are adopting new policies that are forcing them to get in front of the press to mitigate public and media uproar
This Police1 Digital Edition focuses on how the past and present will shape the future of SWAT in the United States
As with any official document that represents the department, thoroughly review every aspect of the P&P manual at your new agency, and ensure it is updated and tailored to your department
Learn about how to curb abuse in your agency or facility
In order to stay connected to the people that you lead and motivate, you need to interact with them on their terms and in their workplace – not yours
Even if your department uses a set rotation that repeats every X days, there are always exceptions that have to be factored in for vacations, training, sick time, and other minutiae of working life
If you’re in a leadership position of any kind at your agency, you know there isn’t much difference in the way that a three-year-old and a marginal employee behave
The annual police department budget process is part of the ongoing campaign of funding and running an organization
Lots of resources offer advanced strategies and tactics for the law enforcement executive to be more effective, but in reality, focusing on the basics can have tremendous effects
MBO has failed in police organizations due to a focus on performance measure as the outcomes of the process, ignoring the fact that the inputs are the most valuable piece of the MBO puzzle
Among the key outcomes of effective leadership is the empowerment we provide to others, coupled with the motivation that comes from a sense of shared vision
Instead of implementing change by accident, lawsuit, or crisis, law enforcement professionals need to act deliberately — with confidence and purpose — to ensure the desired outcomes
Creating a culture of change is about developing a shared sensed of destiny — and enrolling others in those efforts — so they see their interests as being aligned with the organization
Let’s take a page from the old IBM playbook and let our troops — and their families — know how much we appreciate them