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Candid feedback from officers in Police1’s State of the Industry survey highlights actionable steps supervisors can take to create a culture where officers feel valued and supported
Officers sound off on what they need from their supervisors and leaders to perform at their peak in Police1’s State of the Industry survey
The “hard truth” in law enforcement is telling what’s true, but difficult to hear with the improvement of a community, agency or individual as a goal
“My goal when I first came here was to eliminate everyone leaving,” Chief Stoney Mathis said
“Catch ‘em doing something right” is an important mindset to have to make sure your personnel know you see the quality work they are doing
Recommendations include re-examining hiring processes, updating hiring standards and offering recruitment incentives such as take-home vehicles
Our expert panel discusses key insights from Police1’s State of the Industry survey on the impact of short staffing, mass retirements and lateral transfers
Download this in-depth analysis of Police1’s State of the Industry survey on the police recruitment and retention crisis
The union applauds the change in work schedules as way to give officers more time with their families
The city of Wichita released a final report that offers a dire portrait of Kansas’ largest police department
“Take care of yourself, back each other up because they don’t care about you or your family,” the 33-year police veteran told officers in her final radio call
Every day must begin with the question: “What can I do for my people?”
Officials said the firing of a key official in charge of implementing reforms “sent a demoralizing message” to police
Take a deep dive into the hot button topics impacting policing nationwide with Policing Matters host Jim Dudley and his guest Janay Gasparini
The survey found 86% of NOPD cops are unhappy with the PD and 79% with the promotional process, citing cronyism and favoritism as reasons
A young officer discusses the qualities of high-performance leadership, which were first demonstrated to him during the civil unrest in 2020
The flag was said to cause “divisiveness” and players were told it should not be flown back in September
Some of the survey comments shed light on the lack of promotional opportunities for Black officers and those of color having to meet higher standards
Follow these steps to share your public safety agency’s success stories, accomplishments and challenges with your community all year round
Officers are under unprecedented stress, working long hours and in many cases feeling little support
These people suck the life out of a room and your spirit
Parents and students wore shirts featuring a “Thin Blue Line” flag, with the words “THE BLUE HAD OUR BACKS NOW WE BACK YOURS!!”
Football team players are not allowed to carry the flag during games any longer due to “divisive controversy”
Only 11% of employees indicated change is managed well by city leadership
Following these tips today is an investment that will improve police officer morale, retention and perceptions tomorrow
You owe it to those you lead to practice the positive leadership attributes you admire in others and never do the bad things you’ve observed
“I want this department to be what the people want it to be,” Ron Thomas said
“The police department is held together with duct tape and overtime,” union officials said
“I think there’s more pressure on chiefs than before. It’s been a tough few years in law enforcement,” one chief said