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NLEOMF to award 5 PDs at 2023 Destination Zero National Officer Safety and Wellness ceremony during Police Weekend

Each year, the NLEOMF presents awards to departments who are committed to increasing officer wellness and reducing line-of-duty deaths or injuries

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By Police1 Staff

WASHINGTON — What would happen if the country was able to get the number of line-of-duty law enforcement deaths down to zero?

For some, this goal may seem unattainable. For the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), it’s not an “if,” but “when.” That’s why they created Destination Zero, a program aimed at improving the health and safety of law enforcement officers across the country.

Each year during Police Weekend ceremonies in Washington, D.C., the NLEOMF presents awards to five police departments who are committed to increasing officer wellness and reducing line-of-duty deaths or injuries.

The five award categories include:

  • General officer safety: Programs that affect officers’ physical safety while on duty.
  • Officer traffic safety: Initiatives that reduce on-duty crashes, limit risk factors in operating vehicles or managing traffic, increase seatbelt use, limit distractions or reduce driving speeds.
  • Officer wellness (general): This can range from fitness programs, mental health programs, as well as peer support and nutrition initiatives.
  • Comprehensive wellness: Initiatives related to holistic wellness and resilience programs.
  • Comprehensive safety: Programs that demonstrate a comprehensive approach and implementation of officer safety efforts.

This year’s winners, who will be awarded on Sept. 29, include:

  • Chesterfield County (Va.) Police Department for traffic safety (Read more)
  • Gloucester Township (N.J.) Police Department for comprehensive safety (Read more)
  • McHenry County (Ill.) Conservation District Police Department for officer wellness (Read more)
  • City of Irving (Texas) Police and Fire Departments for comprehensive wellness (Read more)
  • Lafayette (Ind.) Police Department for general safety (Read more)

The awards, according to the NLEOMF, are a way for departments to share their strategies for officer wellness and safety for other agencies to find solutions and implement similar changes.

The Destination Zero program was created in 2014, with the first awards given in 2015. The awards reception is held in the National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, D.C., where department members will be presented with their award.

For more information about this year’s winners, click here. For more information about how your department can apply for the annual Officer Safety and Wellness awards, click here.

Stay tuned for additional Destination Zero coverage on, including two profiles on this year’s winners.

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