2 former Tenn. officers countersue sexual harassment complaint

The city, along with two former sergeants, all denied the allegations of “grooming,” sexual harassment and having a sexually hostile work environment

By Sarah Roebuck

LA VERGNE, Tenn. — Two former officers and the City of La Vernge have filed a lawsuit in connection to a sexual harassment complaint that was filed against them.

The lawsuit is in response to another lawsuit that former La Vergne Police Department officer Maegan Hall filed in February. The city, along with former Sergeants Lewis Powell and Henry “Ty” McGowan, all denied the allegations of “grooming,” sexual harassment and having a sexually hostile work environment, WSMV reported. 

The response states that all three are looking to have the complaint dismissed. 

“Where Ms. Hall sought role models at her new job, she instead found predators. In place of offering professional development, her supervisors and the Chief of Police groomed her for sexual exploitation," the original complaint from Hall states. "They colluded in using their authority to systematically disarm her resistance and entrap her in degrading and abusive sexual relationships, even sharing tips on the best ways to manipulate and exploit her. Maegan Hall felt trapped in the role assigned to her at the City of La Vergne Police Department and, in an attempt to escape, she nearly killed herself. Then, the City blamed her for everything.”

All three in the countersuit have denied the allegations from the complaint. 

Powell is also suing Hall in a countercomplaint for defamation and is seeking a jury trial, compensatory damages of $200,000, punitive damages and more, according to WSMV.

Attorneys for Hall previously filed a motion for a default judgment for a judge, but that was denied. The case is expected to move forward to a trial.

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