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‘Put a bullet in their skulls': Ala. cop on leave after Biden voter comment

Capt. Scott Walden has since taken down his social media account, but screenshots continued to circulate

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Flomaton Police Department

By Howard Koplowitz

FLOMATON, Ala. — A south Alabama police captain was placed on leave Thursday as the Flomaton Police Department conducts an internal investigation after receiving complaints the captain said on social media Biden voters need “a bullet in their skull.”

Screenshots began circulating on social media Wednesday of Flomaton police Capt. Scott Walden’s alleged response to a woman who said “idiots that voted for Biden hated Trump enough to throw the country away.” The department began an investigation into the comments Thursday morning.

Walden has since taken down his social media account, but according to screenshots purportedly showing his handle, he said, “they need to line up ev1 [every one] of them and put a bullet in their skull for treason.”

In a statement early Thursday evening, the Flomaton Police Department said one of its officers had been placed on leave, without naming Walden. But the department also said it had retained “evidence” and written complaints about comments that had concerned the public.

Walden contended that he was not referring to all Democrats needing a “bullet in their skull,” just members of the public who commit “treason,” according to a screen grab of his Facebook account obtained by WHNT. But Walden’s original comment did not make that distinction.

“Well apparently someone, and I know who you are as well as the others jumping on the " gonna get them fired " train is circulating a comment I made about TREASON. The comment even says TREASON but someone has run rampant saying I was meaning liberal n Democrats,” Walden purportedly wrote. “Well #1 I don’t care who you vote for, #2 the comment was about treason and what should happen to the ones who are charged for committing treason . So either you trying to stir the pot or you are ok with someone committing treason but not ok with someone who says they should be shot. This is the world we live in.”

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