3 things every cop should do before starting their shift

Before starting your shift, take a few minutes to do the following:

1. Walk around your squad.

Check to make sure no one failed to report any dents or dings.

2. Check the backseat.

You need to make sure nothing was left behind by a previous passenger or an officer.

I have found mufflers, firewood and logging chains left by a partner who thought his job was litter control. Any one of those items would make a nice weapon for someone inclined to use it as such.

In addition, check the back seat after anyone who rides there gets out. If you find any evidence or contraband, you know it belongs to them.

3. Make sure the release works on your long gun(s).

You don’t want to find out during a high-risk call that a fuse was blown and your long gun is unavailable for you to use. Also ensure your long gun is fully loaded and in the proper condition according to department policy.

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