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Men accused of shooting cop planned, filmed ‘assassination attempt’

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said the men were “lying in wait” to target police in an attempt to gain street cred for their gangs


Isaac Anthony Ott, left, and Ray A. Wynecoop.

Photo/Washington Department of Corrections

By Quinn Welsch
The Spokesman-Review

SPOKANE, Wash. — The two men accused of a series of drive-by shootings that wounded a Spokane police officer on June 28 were said to be “lying in wait” to target police in an attempt to gain street cred for their gangs, according to newly released court documents.

“This was an assassination attempt on a police officer,” Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said. The sheriff’s office is investigating the shooting.

The two men, Isaac Ott, 21, and Ray Wynecoop, 22, filmed themselves in a video that showed them planning to deliberately target police in north Spokane, according to an affidavit of facts released from Spokane County Superior Court. Wynecoop said that he would do it again if he could get out.

Both men appeared in court Thursday afternoon on numerous charges, including conspiracy to commit murder in the first-degree, two counts of attempted murder, four counts of first-degree assault and three counts of drive-by shooting among others.

“I have done thousands of these, and I just got to say that I don’t remember seeing anything like this before,” said Court Commissioner John Stine as he presided during Ott’s court appearance. “It seems pretty clear it was planned out ahead of time and the victims were specifically staked out, and there’s a threat to do it again if you were able to be released.”

Stine doubled each of their bond amounts from $1 million to $2 million.

“This was to make a statement,” said Knezovich. “The violence is escalating. Here, locally, it has finally caught up.”

Wynecoop, driving a 2014 Chrysler 300, can be seen holding a .22 caliber Sig Sauer semi-automatic rifle in the video as Ott began filming near the Logan Neighborhood “copshop,” the court documents said.

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“Hey, this is Spokane Police (expletive) hangout,” Wynecoop said in the video.

“Bout to shoot this (expletive) up,” Ott said in the video as the two pursued Spokane police Officer Michele Kernkamp’s patrol vehicle northbound on Perry Street, approaching Empire Avenue.

Seven shots are fired in less than two seconds as Officer Kris Honaker’s patrol vehicle passes through the intersection of Empire Avenue and Perry Street, according to court documents. Honaker was shot in the leg and a bullet grazed his scalp in the drive-by.

Honaker was treated for the gunshot wounds and released from a local hospital within a day of being shot.

Ott and Wynecoop both ducked in the vehicle after the drive-by as the two scrambled to reload the gun but could not find more ammunition, according to court documents. They then fled the scene.

The two men crashed the car at the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Nevada Street, where their video ends. They then drove away until they crashed again at 611 E. Dalton Ave. and then fled on foot until ultimately being apprehended by police.

While in jail, Wynecoop told someone over the phone: “If you can get me out I can do it again,” according to court documents. In phone conversations he is heard laughing in his description of the shooting and describes himself as a “legend.”

He also appears to exaggerate the shooting, telling one person during a jailhouse call that he “tried to shoot it out with every cop.” On another jail call he told someone that he emptied “100 rounds.”

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Court documents stated that Ott and Wynecoop are suspected of targeting two nearby houses: 1625 E. Garland Ave., occupied by someone who allegedly owed Wynecoop money; and 3008 N. Martin St., where another one of his acquaintances lived. Ott is said to have fired at the Garland address and Wynecoop at the Martin address, according to statements from witnesses.

Police responded to the shootings and were then targeted, according to court records.

Ott is believed to be a member of the Deuce Ave Crip gang and Wynecoop a member of the IPO Bloods gang, according to investigators.

Gang members in Spokane often blend together because there’s not a large enough population to work independently, said Knezovich. They will often put their differences aside in the pursuit of money, or in this case, street cred for attacking a police officer, he said.

Wynecoop and Ott are scheduled to be arraigned on Aug. 9.


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