Trending Topics: When a gun goes off accidentally

By Police1 Staff

No matter how many times you’ve handled a firearm, it’s always worthwhile to review gun safety. For this week’s ‘Trending Topics,’ we present five incidents captured on video that involved a negligent discharge. Take a look, and check out Richard Fairburn’s column on the subject

Iowa cop cleared in accidental killing of woman

Woman was accidentally shot by the officer as he aimed at a charging dog and fell backward into the snow.


Ky. cop injured after pistol discharges in gun store

Officer had multiple surgeries and lost enough functionality in his left hand that he can no longer work as a cop.


Off-duty cop mistakenly shoots self inside elevator

Officer out to dinner with his wife accidentally shot himself in the stomach inside a parking garage elevator.

NM officer accidentally shoots man during investigation

Officer was climbing through a broken window of a second-floor apartment when the gun went off.

Officer mistakenly fires gun in bizarre Iowa pursuit

Reserve deputy mistakenly fired one round as he went to re-holster his weapon.



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