Video: Police use TASER on nurse who struck officer in the face

Roger Davis swung his arms and punched an officer in the face, ignoring commands to stop resisting, before being TASERed

By Emett Gienapp
Chattanooga Times/Free Press, Tenn.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A registered nurse at Erlanger was booked into the Hamilton County Jail Thursday night and charged with assault on police after fighting with officers inside the hospital's emergency room. 

Police responded to the hospital at 9:30 p.m. on a report of an assault and were told by staff there that Roger Davis, 42, was causing problems for them while they were caring for his mother in the emergency room. Davis was asked by staff and the hospital's vice president to leave, but he refused, according to court documents.

Davis was in the lobby speaking loudly about his disagreement with hospital staff when officers arrived, but when they asked him to keep it down, he said he was speaking with his father and would continue. Officers then told him he would be asked to leave if he didn't comply and he responded by saying, "Then do it."

After telling Davis to leave multiple times, an officer placed a hand on Davis' arm at which point he became combative. He began swinging his arms and punched an officer in the face, ignoring commands to stop resisting.

Police use stun gun on nurse in E.R.

NEW: A viewer has provided video she took of Thursday night's incident in which police use a stun gun on an Erlanger nurse in the emergency room. WARNING: This video contains strong language. NewsChannel 9 has blurred out the faces of innocent bystanders in the video. Read the latest here:

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The two officers couldn't take Davis to the ground so one placed a stun gun against his chest and told him three times that he would be stunned if he didn't stop resisting. Davis said, "Go ahead," so the officer stunned him. 

Davis fell to the ground but refused to place his hands behind his back until one of the officers said he would be stunned again if he didn't comply. He then placed his arms behind his back and officers took him into custody. 

Medical staff at Erlanger checked and cleared Davis so police transported him to the jail where he was booked on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and two counts of assault on police. He is scheduled to appear in court before General Sessions Judge Clarence Shattuck on May 2.

"Erlanger would like to thank our associates, security and the Chattanooga Police Department for containing the situation that occurred on the evening of April 26 and ensuring the safety of our patients, visitors and staff. Because of their diligence, patient care in the emergency department was in no way impacted as a result of this isolated incident," a spokesperson for Erlanger said. 

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