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Video shows suspect violently beating Okla. officer unconscious

The suspect quickly turned and blindsided the officer, continuing to punch her while she was down


Oklahoma City Police Department/Facebook

By Bill Carey

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City police have released bodycam video showing a violent attack on one of their own during an investigation.

Sergeant Morgan Reynolds was investigating a domestic violence report, according to KOCO, when the suspect, DeAngelo Wright, struck Reynolds and continued to hit her even after she was knocked unconscious.

Officers had responded to this address for Wright causing a disturbance, but he left before officers arrived. On the second call, Sgt. Reynolds was the first to arrive and make contact with Wright.

Wright violently punched Reynolds until a witness intervened. He fled the scene, but officers caught him nearby the apartments.

Police said this was not the first time Wright assaulted an officer. He is now in jail on a $10 million bond.

In a Facebook post, the department stated that Wright had two outstanding felony warrants for kidnapping and aggravated assault and battery resulting from an incident he was involved in just prior to being incarcerated in 2021