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Domestic Disturbance

If Police1 had existed in 1994, I would have used Nicole Brown Simpson’s tragic life and death to give context to the complexities of domestic violence calls
The El Mirage PD uses a cloud-based case management software to provide information and support services to victims impacted by violence and trauma
The most common victim-offender relationship involving homicide scene staging is an intimate partner relationship
The video begins with officers responding to a domestic violence call
Officers believed the suspect to be armed based on witness reports and knew that the suspect had severely beaten the child’s mother
As Suffolk County officers opened the front door, the suspect emerged with a large knife and lunged at an officer, “clearly attempting to kill him,” the police acting commissioner said
Louisville Metro PD Assistant Chief Paul Humphrey defended the officer’s split-second decision
Under the new protocols, officers must file incident reports regardless of offense or arrest and limit camera use at a victim’s request
“Operation: Take a Stand” was introduced by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office after Deputy Shakeema Brown was killed by her husband
Deputies found anti-police propaganda, a makeshift barricade with sandbags and many weapons with ammunition
Police were responding to a call from a 12-year-old saying his father had shot his uncle when the suspect opened fire
“I want make it clear that Officer Blakely is a hero. He lived as a hero and he died a hero,” Sheriff Tom Spangler said
Sgt. Heather Glenn had spent nearly 20 years with the Tell City Police Department and the Perry County Sheriff’s Office
Sgt. Joshua Clouse, a U.S. Army veteran, is survived by his wife and two children
A Cameron officer was wounded and transported to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries
The suspect quickly turned and blindsided the officer, continuing to punch her while she was down
A suspect forcefully grabbed for their service weapons and began punching them in the head, knocking one officer unconscious
Sergeants must play a key role in domestic violence-related responses – not just for repeat calls for service but also in managing high-risk calls
Less than a month before the shooting, the man allegedly called an out of state credit union and said he was going to go on a killing spree
Within 30 minutes, Officer Sean Sluganski was killed, Officer Charles Thomas was shot in the face and the gunman was dead
The officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call when the suspect opened fire
The shooting occurred after police were called to a domestic disturbance and the suspect pointed a gun at his mother and a sergeant
When police arrived on scene, the former officer handed a child he was holding to a woman and brandished a gun before being shot
Cpl. Ray Hamilton was a five-year veteran of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
Suspect Yessenia Sanchez recently resigned from her post with the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department rather than be fired over a domestic violence arrest
“The war on our law enforcement officers has to stop,” said the community member who planned the tribute for Officer Truong Thai
Tyson Shawn Jordan Hampton is facing 27 felony charges after fatally shooting Officer Truong Thai during a domestic disturbance call
The suspect fired 18 shots that an official described as an “AK-47 pistol,” which penetrated the officer’s ballistic vest
Officer Truong Thai, 49, was fatally wounded while answering a report for a domestic disturbance and stopping a vehicle near the Las Vegas Strip