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Video: Security guard stops suspect who stabbed Ariz. officer

Surveillance video shows a gas station security guard quickly tackling the suspect after he stabbed an officer twice in the neck

By Sarah Roebuck

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Police Department is praising the actions of a security guard and a gas station employee who stopped a stabbing attack on an officer.

The incident happened on April 7 inside a gas station convenience store when the officer approached the suspect and informed him he was no longer allowed to be on the property, police said.

Body-worn video shows the suspect quickly turning around and stabbing the officer twice in the neck. Surveillance video from a different angle shows the security guard, identified as Jameel Kelewood, tackling the suspect to the ground.

Phoenix police said both Kelewood and Luis Ozuna, who was working as a clerk, jumped in to stop the attack.

“They saved our officer’s life that evening and their commitment to stopping this guy can’t be overstated,” Phoenix Police Lt. James Hester said during a news conference.

The officer, who was not identified, remains in the hospital.