Police Week poem: A full measure of emotion

Remembering those we have lost

As we commemorate National Police Week and solemnly remember those who have been killed in the line of duty, we present this memorial poem from the Police1 archives by Police1 columnist Dan Marcou. 

A full measure of emotion

What did they do to get their names on that wall?
There is a process we should pause right here to recall.
For a name to conjure a full measure of emotion
We must remember the ingredients of a full measure of devotion.

They all gave one last kiss, said one last goodbye.
The moment probably passed without even a sigh.
They sat through one last lineup, shared one last joke.
What lay ahead was unknown so, not a tear fell, nor did a voice choke.

There was no fine last-meal-cuisine, but some were fed well.
They had a Big Mac, a slice, or tacos at “The Bell.”
They didn’t think themselves heroes or in any way royal.
They just lived the life of servants, and to duty they were loyal.

Then came that last call, they said one last “10-4.”
Last concerns came to mind, they’d been there before.
They hit the lights one last time going one last place in a hurry.
Their minds heavily engaged in one last worry.

Then for one last time, it all happened so fast.
They faced one last suspect, had one last fight to the last.
One last time that they discovered this job is so rough.
But this time giving their all was not quite enough.

They said one last prayer, thought one last thought.
About the last one they kissed, not the last one they fought.
One last breath lifted that badge one last time with their chest.
Then their name was etched in stone alongside all the rest.

Now as you gaze at those names, neatly etched in stone.
Before you return to your job and your loved ones at home.
Feel free to remember their last full measure of devotion.
With a solemn prayer, a sharp salute and a full measure of emotion.

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