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Dallas cop struck by car shoots driver from hood

The officer was carried about 50 yards before he was thrown from the vehicle as the man fled the scene

By Claire Cardona
The Dallas Morning News

DALLAS — Dallas police have identified the suspect and officer involved in a Sunday night shooting.

Deputy Chief Gil Garza said officer Michael DeWild was assisting a federal agent in finding a fugitive wanted on a murder charge when they encountered 35-year-old Joel Allen.

They confronted Allen after watching what they believed to be a drug deal in the parking lot of the Knights Inn on Empire Central.

Allen returned to his red 2013 Chevy and tried to drive away as DeWild and the ICE agent approached. Police say Allen struck DeWild, who was thrown onto the Chevy’s hood.

While on the hood, DeWild shot Allen in the chest. DeWild was thrown from the vehicle, and Allen crashed the Chevy nearby.

Allen faces a charge of aggravated assault on a public servant. He remains hospitalized in critical condition.

DeWild was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital with a broken bone in a “lower extremity.” He was treated for the fracture and other bumps and bruises and has been released.

The officer was carried about 50 yards before he was thrown from the vehicle as the man fled the scene.

The incident was the 14th police shooting of 2013.

The most recent was Aug. 27, when an off-duty officer, Jose Gamez, fatally shot 18-year-old Sergio Ramos in far northeast Dallas. Police say Ramos shot and killed 25-year-old Joseph Roling immediately before Gamez fired upon him.

Sunday night’s shooting is the first involving a member of the Dallas force since the enactment of a new policy mandating that officers who fire their weapons go through more frequent psychological counseling and stay off the streets for a month.

The changes come after several recent police shootings.

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