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‘He’s got a rifle': Bodycam shows shootout that killed 2 Wis. officers; report details shooting

Report: The suspect “walked up to Officer Scheel, who was no longer able to defend himself, and shot him twice at close range”


The report concluded by praising the bravery, courage and sacrifice of the officers.

Wisconsin Department of Justice via Law&Crime Network

By Chris Vetter
The Leader-Telegram

CAMERON, Wis. — Chetek police officer Emily Breidenbach and Cameron police officer Hunter Scheel were shot and killed within a 45-second span on April 8, and the suspected shooter Glenn D. Perry used an AR-15 to kill the officers, a report released recently states.

Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright released his nine-page report on the officer-involved shooting that left Breidenbach, 32, and Scheel, 32, dead at the scene along Highway SS near Cameron.

“Glenn Perry exited his vehicle armed with an AR-15 rifle and began shooting at them,” Wright wrote.

Perry, 50, was struck by one of the rounds in his right leg and later died from that wound.

“Perry acted alone and is solely responsible for the deaths of Officer Breidenbach and Officer Scheel,” Wright wrote. “His actions were premeditated. They are the epitome of evil. Perry had for years expressed animosity towards law enforcement and the government in general. At the same time, he interacted with law enforcement officers numerous times over the years on other matters without incident.”

Perry had the AR-15 and a 9mm handgun on his person at the time of the shooting. Both were legally purchased.

“Perry also lawfully purchased many other guns that he kept at his home and in his vehicle,” the report states. “Perry had no previous gun violations. There is no record of Perry having any (Department of Natural Resources) violations or citations.”

The report also reveals that Perry was hospitalized in 2010 and 2011 for mental health evaluation and treatment, and was subject to a mental health commitment order in 2011, which prohibited him from possessing firearms. “Persons close to him began to see a decline in his mental health during and after his divorce,” the report states.

Barron County Court scheduled a court hearing on March 30 for Perry being delinquent in making child support payments. When he didn’t appear, a civil bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Barron County Capt. Jason Hagen spoke to Perry’s father, who informed Hagen of Perry’s decline in mental health, and added that Perry carried a handgun at all times.

“Captain Hagen sent an alert that same day cautioning law enforcement of Perry’s declining mental status,” the report states.

On April 8, Breidenbach stopped Perry’s vehicle, and she was aware of Hagen’s alert, so she requested backup at the scene. She then approached his vehicle.

“Perry opened the driver’s side door of his vehicle armed with an AR-15 rifle, aimed it at Officer Breidenbach and immediately opened fire,” the report states. She fired twice at Perry before he fatally shot her.

Scheel radioed “shots fired” and took cover on the passenger side of his patrol vehicle. He exchanged gunfire with Perry, using his .40 caliber handgun.

“Officer Scheel was shot multiple times and fell to the ground approximately 15 feet away from the passenger side of his patrol vehicle,” the report states. “Perry walked up to Officer Scheel, who was no longer able to defend himself, and shot him twice at close range, killing Officer Scheel.”

Investigators from the Division of Criminal Investigation determined that Perry fired at least 10 rounds from the AR-15. The handgun also was loaded.

Breidenbach fired twice and Scheel shot nine rounds.

The wound to Perry’s leg was not immediately fatal.

“Perry had walked back to his vehicle and was leaning against the front hood of his vehicle when the first deputy arrived on scene after the shooting,” the report states.

Perry fell to the ground; he attempted to get back up but was unable to do so.

“A steady stream of motorists, unaware of the danger they were in, drove by the scene of the shooting while Perry remained unarmed and dangerous,” the report states. “The danger to passing motorists and responding officers had Perry not been fatally shot was grave. It is a near certainty that Perry, had he remained able, would have fired at other responding officers putting at risk of death or great bodily harm not only the on-duty and off-duty officers who responded, but also first responders and anyone else who happened to be in a vehicle driving past or near the scene of the shooting, all of who were at risk of being directly shot by Perry or caught in the crossfire.”

Wright concluded the report by praising the bravery, courage and sacrifice of the officers.


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