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Trending Topics: When cops face danger inside a hospital

By Police1 Staff

From deadly police standoffs to sudden attacks on medical workers, this week’s ‘Trending Topics’ highlights police officers facing danger in the most unexpected of places: hospitals. Take a look at these five incidents and add your thoughts in our comments section.

Ill. cops fatally shoot armed man in ER

A man became agitated over treatment and drew a handgun from his waistband in this deadly November 3 shooting.

Idaho police fatally shoot knife-wielding woman

Woman armed with a knife was shot and killed outside of an ER after charging officers.

Minn. man attacks nurses in hospital rampage

Man’s brutal attack on hospital staff ended with the suspect dying in handcuffs.

Parole agent shoots gunman 3 times in Utah hospital standoff

Agent Clint Lund fired three shots at the man after he refused to drop his weapons.

Ariz. officer kills inmate who fled

A sheriff’s detention officer shot and killed a jail inmate who slipped out of his restraints after being taken to a hospital.