Video: LEO shoots through windshield in gun battle during pursuit

Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said two murder suspects fired 34 rounds in five volleys during the pursuit, while officers fired 31 shots

What do we want law enforcement officers to take away from this event, particularly with respect to shooting from a moving vehicle? In his latest article, PoliceOne Editorial Advisory Board Member and columnist Mike Wood reviews tactical considerations for shooting while driving.

By Police1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — Body cam footage captured an officer shooting through his patrol vehicle’s windshield while pursuing two murder suspects who fired at him.

On July 11, Las Vegas Metro police officers attempted to pull over an SUV that matched the description of a car that was seen during a fatal shooting near a car wash earlier that day, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. But the suspects in the vehicle, identified as 22-year-old Fidel Miranda and 30-year-old Rene Nunez, sped off and raced through incoming traffic.

During the ensuing pursuit, the suspects shot at officers, who returned fire. Officer William Umana can be heard on video yelling “shots fired” and telling another police vehicle that joined the pursuit to stay back.

The responding police vehicle was struck at least twice by bullets, forcing the officer to back off. As the pursuit neared its end, Umana got closer to the SUV and fired 11 shots through his windshield and seven shots through his open window.

Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said the suspects fired 34 rounds in five volleys during the pursuit, while officers fired 31 shots.

Nunez later exited the SUV and ran up the steps to an elementary school. He attempted to enter the school, but the door was locked, Kelly said.

Miranda then moved to the driver’s seat and backed up towards Umana, who exited his car and continued to fire at the suspect. A plainclothes officer, 46-year-old Paul Solomon, then arrived at the scene and shot Miranda, causing the SUV to come to a stop.

Police said Miranda was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities later arrested Nunez, who sustained gunshot wounds from either the pursuit or from the earlier shooting near the car wash.

Umana and Solomon were not injured. Kelly praised both officers and called their actions heroic.

Kelly said Nunez is accused of stealing the SUV in May and that one of the guns he used during the pursuit had been reported stolen. The suspect faces multiple charges, including attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

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