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Video: PD statements reveal new details about Austin SWAT shooting

After hours of negotiations with officers, the suspect was shot and killed after reaching for gun


Photo/YouTube via Law&Crime

By Ashley Silver

AUSTIN, Texas — Additional details and video have been released surrounding a fatal Austin SWAT officer-involved shooting, detailing the moments leading up to and following the shooting.

KXAN News reported Austin police were called to a home for a disturbance by a woman and her children. Once the police were alerted that the suspect, Antonio Gonzales, had a gun, it was upgraded to a hotshot call.

“For approximately two hours, Austin Police Department (APD) crisis intervention officers and hostage negotiators attempted to de-escalate the situation by speaking to Mr. Gonzales through both a loudspeaker and a mobile phone,” an APD spokesperson told KXAN.

After negotiations reached a standstill, officers attempted to remove Gonzales from the home with stun guns and non-lethal munitions, but this proved ineffective.

Gonzales then reached for his gun, and SWAT Officer Benton Coker shot his department-issued firearm and hit Gonzales, according to APD. “After officers confirmed that Mr. Gonzales was no longer a threat, they approached him to provide life-saving measures.”

Despite their resuscitation efforts, APD reported Gonzales died from his injuries on the scene. Police confirmed the children and woman who called police initially were unharmed.

Investigations are still ongoing by the APD Special Investigations Unit and APD Internal Affairs.

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