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Footage released in Calif. fatal OIS of teen kidnapping victim

San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies were attempting to protect other officers when they shot and killed a teen girl who had been kidnapped by her father, a heavily-armed murder suspect

Footage released in Calif. fatal OIS of teen kidnapping victim

“Passenger, get out!” the deputy can be heard saying. “Come to me!”

Police Activity

By Joanna Putman

HESPERIA, Calif. — New video obtained by KABC shows an aerial view of a 2022 incident when a teen girl was shot and killed by law enforcement after a pursuit.

Savannah Graziano, 15, is believed to have been kidnapped by her father, Anthony Graziano, 45, after Anthony shot and killed Savannah’s mother, according to the report. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office deputies spotted Anthony Graziano’s pickup truck and initiated a pursuit.

Aerial footage of the Sept. 27, 2022 pursuit shows Anthony Graziano driving recklessly, at one point speeding in reverse through a median. Anthony Graziano fired shots at deputies and other drivers during the pursuit, according to the report.

The video shows a person climbing out of the passenger vehicle and walking toward deputies before falling to the ground. After remaining on the ground for a minute, the person stood up and continued approaching the officers.

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Police Activity

Audio from a deputy’s belt recorder was released along with the video.

“Passenger, get out!” the deputy can be heard saying. “Come to me!”

The deputy’s statements to Savannah Graziano were then replaced by alarmed shouts to other deputies.

“Stop! Stop shooting her! He’s in the car!”

Savannah and Anthony Graziano were both killed in the shooting.

The law enforcement report at the time of the incident indicated that Savannah was wearing a ballistic vest and helmet when she got out of the vehicle. Deputies standing at a different location did not hear officers instructing her to approach. They saw a person exiting the vehicle and approaching deputies and fired shots intending to protect other officers, according to the report.

Savannah was found to be unarmed. Multiple weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, body armor, tactical helmets, flash bang and smoke grenades belonging to Anthony Graziano were found inside the suspect vehicle, according to the report. Investigations into the incident remain ongoing.