Video: Texas cops rescue officer from floodwaters

Officer was putting up barricades when he saw a woman plunge into the water. He dived in to rescue her, but was swept away

By Police1 Staff

AUSTIN — Dash cam video has been released in the rescue of a Texas officer trapped in floodwaters.

KTBC reports Officer Josh Odom was putting up barricades along a road September 18 when he saw a woman plunge into the water with her vehicle. Odom dived into the water to rescue her, but was swept away as she made it to safety.

Five officers from three different departments responded to the scene to rescue Odom. He was in the water for an estimated 20 minutes before being pulled out and was in an intensive care unit for two days following the incident.

“You can hear it in his voice, he's terrified, but these officers that were there that pulled him out of the water gave him every confidence he needed to get pulled from the water. There's no doubt in my mind that he knew they were going to get him out no matter what," Officer Joel Martin, who works with Odom, told KTBC.

Odom was trained for dealing with intense weather situations, and took off his heavy equipment once in the water, according to the report.

Around the same time Odom called for help, Travis County Sheriff’s Deputy Jessica Hollis was also swept away. After a multi-day search, she was found dead by officials.

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