Watch: Man sought after slashing tires of 3 cop cars

Police Chief David Reynoso said officers were unable to respond to several calls because of the vandalism

By Suzie Ziegler 

EL MONTE, Calif. — Police are searching for a man who was seen on surveillance video slashing the tires of three parked police vehicles. 

Video shows the man getting out of a red El Camino and jogging up to the curb, where several El Monte Police cars are parked. He uses a knife to puncture the tires of the three cruisers before getting back in his car.


According to KABC, the vandalism happened Saturday afternoon. 

Police Chief David Reynoso said the officers were unable to respond to several pending police calls, including a domestic disturbance, because of the vandalism.

"Those vehicles represent our community,” Reynoso told KABC. “I see it as an attack, really, on our city, on our community. What really troubles me the most is just it takes away from our ability to serve our public in a timely manner.” 

Although police don’t have a clear description of the suspect, his car is a distinct color and has a large sticker in the rear window that says “TESTAMENT,” according to the report.


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