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Atlanta PD hails success of camera registry program, encourages more participation

Police described the program as “the neighborhood watch of the 21st century”


By Suzie Ziegler

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Police Department is asking the public to participate in its camera registry program to help officers solve more crimes, according to 11 Alive. The camera registry program, called Connect Atlanta, allows private businesses and homeowners to voluntarily permit police access to their security cameras.

On Tuesday, APD held a press conference highlighting the success of the program.

“We come to you today to talk about what is truly the neighborhood watch of the 21st century, where technology and our Ring cameras are being used to solve crimes and help our most vulnerable citizens in Atlanta,” said Interim Chief of Police Darin Schierbaum, according to 11 Alive.

Police say the Connect Atlanta network now has more than 5,700 integrated and 3,000 registered cameras, according to the report. Schierbaum says the cameras have helped solve crimes, including arrests in two deadly shootings.

“If it were not for the cameras – all we would have gone out there and done is collect shell casings and we wouldn’t really have a clue about what happened. So the video cameras made it possible for us to identity everyone,” said Major Michael O’Connor.

The Connect Atlanta platform allows officers to access footage from the camera network on their cell phones before arriving on scene, the report said. When a crime occurs, police can request nearby camera owners to check their footage. Most of the registered cameras are Ring doorbell cameras voluntarily shared by owners or city cameras, police said.

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