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Governor says state police will help NYPD combat gun violence

Gov. Kathy Hochul answered Mayor Eric Adams’ plea for help by offering to send state police reinforcements


Theodore Parisienne

By Suzie Ziegler

NEW YORK — Gov. Kathy Hochul has pledged to send state police officers to New York City to help the NYPD combat gun violence, according to CBS New York.

The promise came this week after Mayor Eric Adams pleaded for help.

“We need help. We need help from Albany,” Adams told CBS reporter Marcia Kramer.

Hochul vowed to send help and create a new gun interdiction initiative to stop illegal guns from reaching the city in the first place.

“What we can do best is to use our state resources, our state police teams, to literally go into places like Pennsylvania and see where people are loading up trunks with guns that are legal there but not legal in the state of New York,” Hochul said. “If we catch them at the thruway stops and we stop them before they can even do harm, then we’re making progress.”