Lawsuit accuses Chicago PD of racial profiling in stop and frisk

Attorneys say there’s the possibility of a trial, but they would prefer to come to an agreement with the city and CPD

By Suzie Ziegler 

CHICAGO — A class action lawsuit claims the Chicago Police Department (CPD) targeted minorities during stop and frisk practices without the required reasonable suspicion, according to the Chicago Sun Times. About two million people are involved in the lawsuit, which was certified by a judge on Aug. 31. 

The suit alleges more than 71% of stops conducted in 2014 happened to Black residents and 17% to Hispanic residents, reported the Sun Times. But attorney Antonio Romanucci says there were no recoveries of illicit contraband. 

“The Chicago Police Department creates great policies and then doesn’t train on them,” Romanucci said to the Sun Times. “We have this culture of creating policies but then letting police officers act with impunity, and that’s why we get in trouble.” 

Romanucci says there is a possibility of a trial, but they would prefer “an agreement of change” through talks with the mayor and CPD, according to the report.

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