Video: Ariz. cop shoots man who ran at her with knife

The man ignored the officer’s repeated commands to put down his weapon

By Suzie Ziegler 

PHOENIX, Ariz. — A critical incident video released by the Phoenix Police Department last week shows the moments before an officer shoots a knife-wielding suspect who charged at her. 

According to, the shooting happened June 14 in the parking lot of an Asiana Market. 

In 911 call audio, the reporting party says a drunk man is threatening customers inside the store with a knife. 

Bodycam video shows the officer approaching the man in a parking lot. The officer commands him to drop the blade in his hand. 

“I’m gonna f*** you up,” the man says in response.  

He begins to walk towards the officer with the knife as she repeatedly tells him to put it down.  

“Shut up, shut your f***ing mouth,” he says. For nearly a minute, the officer walks backward as the man continues to advance with the knife. That’s when he starts running toward her and the officer fires. 

A bystander’s cell phone video shows the man began to charge at the cop before she fires.


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