Video: Atlanta Police use drone to arrest suspect in actor’s shooting death

The drone flies into an apartment where it contacts the suspect before he’s taken into custody

By Suzie Ziegler 

ATLANTA — Video released by the Atlanta Police Department shows the moments surrounding an arrest in the shooting death of actor Thomas Jefferson Byrd. 

According to WXIA, the actor who starred in multiple Spike Lee films was found dead October 3. Antonio Demetrice Rhynes, 30, was arrested for felony murder on Friday. 

Atlanta Police shared video of the arrest on Twitter. 

“APD homicide detectives used @StopCrimeATL tips & drone technology to arrest the suspect in the murder of Thomas Jefferson Byrd,” the agency wrote. 

Muted video shows the door to the suspect’s apartment is breached before officers navigate the drone inside. Upon seeing the drone, Rhynes comes out with his hands up and walks outside the apartment. 

In a press briefing, a police spokesperson said drones make such operations safer for everyone. 

“The use of that type of technology with the drone not only makes the apprehension of violent criminals safer for the officers involved the operation, it makes it safer for the suspect as well as residing neighbors,” the agency said.

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