Video: Police shoot man who threatened cop with knife

At one point in the incident, the suspect threatened a bodega worker and an officer with a knife

By Suzie Ziegler

NEW YORK — New bodycam and security video released by the New York Police Department shows the moments surrounding an officer-involved shooting last month. Security footage from inside a shop shows the man threatening an employee and a police officer with a long knife. 

According to the New York Post, the encounter began June 4 when 55-year-old Peyman Bahadoran started yelling at Officer Melissa Brown as she walked into a bodega. The security video, which has no sound, shows Bahadoran pull out a knife and pace the length of the store. He has the blade in one hand and his dog’s leash in the other. Brown is seen pointing a TASER at Bahadoran. Police later said Brown fired the TASER but missed, according to the Post. 

At one point in the security video, the bodega worker manages to grab the knife from Bahadoran and hands it to Brown. 

A second cop, Officer Jillian Suarez, is standing in the doorway of the shop with her gun drawn. Bahadoran appears to yell at the cops and charges Suarez, pushing her out onto the sidewalk. 

A security camera outside the building captures Bahadoran advancing on Suarez as three other officers rush up to help. The suspect appears to push another cop. 

In her bodycam video, Suarez is heard repeatedly yelling, “Move back!” The video shows that Bahadoran was carrying a water bottle. 

That’s when Bahadoran was shot in the left arm and lower back, according to the Post. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injuries. 

Bahadoran claimed he was having a manic episode, according to NBC 4

Police said Bahadoran was charged with robbery and multiple counts of menacing, according to the Post. 


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