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From understanding pension systems to decoding health benefits, here’s everything you need to ask before accepting a police officer position
If you’re ready to change jobs, make sure the place you’re moving to is really better
Pre-retirement workshops can be a helpful tool in preventing adverse outcomes during retirement
The decision rejected claims by a group of police officers and firefighters that the move would violate the state constitution’s guarantee that benefits “shall not be diminished or impaired”
The judge ruled the former trooper’s constitutional rights under the Eighth Amendment were violated when he was ordered to lose his pension
Lawmakers are looking at ways to sweeten troopers’ retirement benefits, as well as trying to coax more experienced troopers near retirement to stay
Under the revised policy, police and firefighters can retire at age 55 or with 25 years of service, whichever comes first
Lawmakers are looking at creating a new pension system that would guarantee decent lifetime retirement benefits if officers stick around on the job
A 2021 law allowed nearly 8,000 officers and firefighters about to reach 20 years of service a two-year window to retire early with half their final compensation
New bill would make a 2021 law permanent that offered early retirement with a reduced pension
Comptroller Susana Mendoza accused the city of setting impossible standards for cops to receive benefits