'An officer takes an oath': Top quotes from Police1 news this week

Read about a retired cop's heroic final moments, a long awaited LODD recognition and more from this week's news

By Police1 Staff

Have you been keeping up with the news on Police1? Take a look at some of the most memorable quotes from this week's police stories. We're highlighting a retired cop who died saving others, a heart-pounding rescue, an officer who finally got the recognition he deserved and other top stories from this week's news.

These are our top quotes:

"An officer takes an oath. It just doesn't stop when you are retired."


"Chicago has quickly turned into a city that caters strictly to criminals who target the innocent."


"I didn’t want to let him win."


"He would tell me, ‘That was a good lab because my throat burned for three or four days.’”


"It no longer matters [...] how many people you harm or how many prior violent felonies you have committed."

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