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Chicago cops help wounded officer celebrate son’s 11th birthday

When a Chicago officer was shot on the job and unable to throw a party, her fellow officers stepped up


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By Suzie Ziegler

CHICAGO — After being shot in both legs Friday night, a Chicago police officer was unable to host the birthday party she had planned for her son. So, her fellow officers stepped up.

According to CBS Chicago, officers staged a motor parade for the 11-year-old to lift his spirits. The officers brought gifts and ran their sirens to celebrate.

“The son seemed to be a little down,” said Cmdr. Roderick Watson to CBS Chicago. “But we actually made this a special moment for him – even when his mom wasn’t able to get out and do so. So yes, that was a great thing.”

The wounded officer, who has asked to stay anonymous, made it outside with her walker to thank everyone.

“I’m here for my baby’s birthday, and you all made it so special for us,” the officer said, according to CBS Chicago. “Thank you so much.

The shooting suspect, 26-year-old Aaron Jenkins, is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder.