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Chicago officer continues recovery from shooting that killed his partner

Officer Carlos Yanez’s father says his son still has four bullets in his body from the same shooting that killed Officer Ella French

Carlos Yanez chicago officer shot

Ravi Baichwal, ABC 7 via Twitter

By Suzie Ziegler

CHICAGO — Chicago Police officer Carlos Yanez Jr. remains in recovery after he was shot multiple times during an August traffic stop. Yanez lost an eye and was left partially paralyzed from the same shooting that killed his partner, Officer Ella French.

On Sunday, a fundraiser was held to help support Yanez’s hospital bills, reported ABC 7 Chicago.

“He’s gone from a three-income family to one overnight, and the bills don’t stop – mortgages don’t stop,” said the officer’s father, Yanez Sr.

Yanez Sr. says his son still has four bullets lodged in his body.

“Unfortunately, the doctors can’t remove any of the bullets because they’re highly sensitive areas that would cause more damage removing them than leaving them at this time,” he told ABC 7. Yanez Sr. says his son can move his right arm but has limited control of his left hand.

“He has his good days and his bad days,” he said.

Yanez Jr. made an appearance at his fundraiser via FaceTime. Despite the somber reason for assembly, he was met by cheers and smiles, a video shows.

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