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Cops buy bedding, food for mother of 6 who fled abusive spouse

When officers showed up, the apartment was completely devoid of furniture — including beds


By Suzie Ziegler

DALLAS — A pair of Dallas police officers went above and beyond the call of duty this month by helping a struggling mother of six.

According to CBS 11, the officers were responding to a call in an apartment complex when a friendly 2-year-old happened to get their attention.

“That 2-year old invited us over and mom started talking to us and one thing led to another,” Officer Delia Pesina told CBS 11.

Pesina and Officer Reneeshia McIntyre learned the woman had fled an abusive spouse with her children, all under age 11. According to Pesina, there was no furniture in the apartment.

“I asked [the] mom how long they’ve been living there and she stated, ‘a few months.’ My first instinct was they just moved in because there was literally nothing in the apartment,” said Pesina.

“She literally was washing styrofoam plates,” McIntyre said. “We kind of read each other’s minds. You’re partners after so long and when we were leaving I immediately said to [Pesina], ‘We’re coming back aren’t we? We were going to take care of it.’”

According to CBS 11, Pesina and McIntyre collected money from fellow officers to buy beds, cribs, mattresses, sheets, pillows and other furniture.


Dallas police officers, including McIntyre and Pesina, help assemble bunk beds for the family.

Photo/Dallas Police Department

“We told the children ‘this is where you’re going to be sleeping.’ The excitement on their face was so heartfelt we had to fight back tears,” said McIntyre.

After assembling and furnishing the entire apartment, Pesina and McIntyre still had $250 left over to buy food for the family.


A children’s bedroom assembled with furniture purchased with donations from Dallas police officers.

Photo/Dallas Police Department

“I thank y’all so much,” the mother said in a phone interview with CBS 11. “I love y’all so much from the bottom of my heart.”

The officers told reporters that they both know what it’s like to be poor and escape from family violence.

“I can relate to the kids and I had officers impact me when I was little,” said Pesina.

The pair said they believe in showing as much love for the neighborhood they patrol as the one they live in.


This picture shows the family’s living room, furnished with items purchased by Dallas police officers.

Photo/Dallas Police Department

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