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Fallen Las Vegas LEO honored with 23 thin blue line flags for each year of service

“The war on our law enforcement officers has to stop,” said the community member who planned the tribute for Officer Truong Thai


Photo/Twitter via LVPD

By Ashley Silver

LAS VEGAS — Funeral services were held Friday morning to commemorate the life of Officer Truong Thai, who was killed in the line of duty during a traffic stop in Las Vegas. One man went to great lengths to honor the fallen officer.

According to FOX 5 Vegas, John Waudby, a concerned citizen, planned a unique tribute for Officer Thai’s funeral procession — 23 thin blue line flags to line the procession route, one for each year Officer Thai served as a Las Vegas officer. One of the flags represented the flag of Vietnam to honor Thai’s Vietnamese heritage.

Waudby didn’t know Thai personally but was inspired by his service and dedication. He wants the community to be more supportive of police.

“The war on our law enforcement officers has got to stop…I am quite frankly tired of burying our officers and our heroes,” John Waudby told the news platform.

He said police who saw the flag tribute were noticeably touched by the gesture.

“I actually had an officer stop his patrol vehicle in the middle of the road and get out and give me a hug and start crying and say thank you this means a lot,” Waudby told FOX 5 Vegas.

Waudby also set up a 10-foot by 6-foot banner in honor of the fallen officer.