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Fla. deputy fixes woman’s door that was damaged during call

Deputies responding to a possible burglary breached the front door to make sure a woman – who was hiding in her closet – was safe

deputy eddins fixes door

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

By Suzie Ziegler

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida sheriff’s deputy went above and beyond the call of duty last to week to make sure a woman felt safe in her home.

While responding to a possible burglary call, deputies had to breach her front door, said the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. The woman was hiding in her closet with her child because she feared a strange man had entered her apartment. When deputies arrived, they found the door bolted shut.

“Fearing the unknown suspect was locked inside the residence with the occupants, Deputy Eddins utilized a breaching tool to make entry into the apartment,” the agency said.

No suspect was found inside and it’s not clear if there was an attempted burglary. Despite that, Eddins wanted to make sure the woman felt safe. He retrieved some tools and came back to repair the damage to her door.

“She was gracious for the repairs so she and her child could sleep peacefully,” the agency said.

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