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NLEOMF to honor Black LE trailblazers during Black History Month

The “Black Trailblazers in Blue” series will feature 28 Black law enforcement leaders

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National Law Enforcement Museum

By Suzie Ziegler

WASHINGTON — During the month of February, the National Law Enforcement Museum blog, On the Beat, will feature 28 Black law enforcement leaders in observation of Black History Month. According to a press release from the NLEOMF, the “Black Trailblazers in Blue” series will highlight the leaders’ contributions to the profession.

The series, which starts Feb. 1, will draw on stories from history as well as current affairs.

“These stories will bring to light some unknown figures whose impact reverberated or provide unknown details about well-known players in the law enforcement field,” the statement reads in part.

“At the National Law Enforcement Museum, we seek to expand and enrich the relationship shared by law enforcement and the community. We are eager to share these stories of black trailblazers in law enforcement, and we are honored to partner with the National Black Police Association to bring these meaningful stories to light,” states Marcia Ferranto, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund CEO.

“We feel strongly that our members and supporters will find these eye-opening and insightful stories of Black leaders in law enforcement as inspiring and informative as we do,” shared National Black Police Association National President, Lt. Willie Williams. “These leaders made a major impact not only on law enforcement, but also on their communities.”

The full series can be found on the NLEOMF’s website here.

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