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Off-duty NJ trooper rescues choking 2-week-old baby

A New Jersey trooper is being praised for his quick actions after saving the life of a two-week-old newborn

By Police1 Staff

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — A New Jersey trooper is being praised after saving the life of a two-week-old baby.

WABC-TV reports that Trooper Robert Meyer was in his home sleeping when a neighbor came knocking on his door to ask for help with her choking infant. The neighbor, whom Meyer never met before, came to his home after seeing his marked patrol car outside.

The trooper rushed to his neighbor’s home without shoes and saw the infant turning blue as she struggled to breathe. Meyer used a bulb syringe to clear the mucus and vomit that obstructed her nose and mouth.

“We attempted to pat on her back, she wasn’t doing anything,” Meyer said. “I asked if anyone had any suction that I’d be able to use to clear her airways. Luckily the dad did have one.”

Meyer said he just had a baby boy who was born prematurely, so he had some prior medical knowledge on hand.

“While she was feeding, she vomited, and it was vomit and mucus that got caught in her nose and throat,” he said. “And we saw a lot of babies getting suction, they’re all small, there are a lot of complications.”

The newborn was transported to a hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.