‘Our hearts have melted’: Little boy gives ‘piggy bank’ holiday gift to Fla. cops

The police department returned the favor after a week of searching for their young admirer

By Suzie Ziegler 

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — After a week of searching, one Florida police department tracked down the thief who stole their hearts – a little boy named William Hernandez. 

Last week, the Hollywood Police Department posted a photo of a holiday card they received from a young admirer. Written in a child’s scrawl, the card reads: “Thank you for your service! From my piggy bank to you.” 

The card was signed by William Hernandez, but it had no return address. The department sent out a plea asking if anyone knew William so that officers could thank him. 

“Our hearts have melted,” the agency wrote on Facebook. “We would LOVE to get in contact with him and his family to send him some goodies!” 

It worked. On Monday, the department shared a heart-warming update. 

“We were lucky enough to finally meet the sweet boy who selflessly gave his piggy bank money in a holiday card to our department! He saw through recent TV news stories that we wanted to meet him, so he showed up to the police department to introduce himself,” the agency wrote. 

Police said William continued his generosity by providing officers with a breakfast buffet. To thank him, officers gave William a goody bag with Hollywood Police souvenirs, a tour of their police vehicles, and even surprised his family on Christmas. 

The agency didn’t share a photo of William at the request of his family. 

“He will remain our ‘Secret Santa,’” the department said. “We just wanted to share with everyone the joy he brought our Department this holiday season. He will always be a part of our HPD family.”

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