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Video: Lone Capitol police officer faces down mob to save lives

Officer Eugene Goodman is being hailed a hero after he lured an angry crowd away from the open Senate chambers

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New York Times via Twitter

By Suzie Ziegler

WASHINGTON — A now-viral video shows a lone police officer being chased by an angry mob through the halls of the Capitol building on Jan. 6. According to WUSA, there’s more to the story.

Officer Eugene Goodman did more than stand his ground on Wednesday, according to WUSA. He used himself as bait to save lives.

When Goodman saw a mob headed toward the open Senate chambers – where armed officers were waiting to protect lawmakers – he shoved the crowd’s leader to get his attention. Video shows Goodman pushing one of the rioters. The crowd refocuses on Goodman, who retreats down the hall.

His actions saved lives, including those of the rioters who followed him instead of meeting armed officers.

According to CNN, one of the men seen in the video chasing Goodman has been arrested and is facing federal charges. Iowa resident Doug Jensen has been charged with unlawfully entering the Capitol, disrupting government business, violent entry, parading in a Capitol building and blocking law enforcement during the riot.

Goodman is an Army veteran who spent time in Iraq. Some have called for Goodman to receive national commendations for his part, reports WUSA.