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Video: Philly officers save wheelchair-bound arson suspect from fire

In a strange twist, a wheelchair-bound man who was saved from a house fire eventually pleaded guilty to starting the blaze

By Police1 Staff

PHILADELPHIA — Body cam footage shows two Philadelphia officers saving a wheelchair-bound man from a house fire, with a strange twist.

WPVI reports that Officers Eugene Donahue and Nicholas Harper responded to people trapped inside a home during March of last year. When the officers arrived, they learned that the man in the wheelchair, 48-year-old Henry Flowers, was unable to get out because the elevators were down.

The officers rushed into the building and found Flowers, who couldn’t move. The officers were able to carry him to safety.

Flowers ultimately ended up being the person who started the blaze. It was revealed the fire was the result of an ongoing feud between Flowers and another occupant.

Flowers has since pleaded guilty to arson and is serving a two-year sentence.

Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew praised Officers Donahue and Harper and said this was a case of two officers doing their jobs.

“The officers went in there without regard to who may have done it and just went in there to save lives. That’s what they do. That’s what we do,” he said.