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Wis. officer entangled in 40-car pile-up worked to save others

Officer Jeff Buettner suffered minor injuries himself, but helped calm and treat other motorists

Shawano Police Department car pile up wisconsin

Shawano Police Department

By Suzie Ziegler

WAUSAU, Wis. — A massive pile-up on a wintery, Wisconsin highway involved nearly 40 vehicles, including that of Shawano Police Officer Jeff Buettner. Thankfully, Buettner walked away with only minor injuries and directed his energy into helping others, police said.

“He was able to exit the vehicle, through a window, to assist in triaging other motorists and provide important information to first responders arriving at the scene,” the Shawano Police Department said on Facebook. “Another driver involved in the crash stated that Officer Buettner held her hand while she cried, reassuring her that help was on the way.”

The agency went on to thank Buettner for his heroic actions. The department also shared photos of the crash, which showed extensive damage to Buettner’s squad car.