5 hilarious crime busts involving donuts

These five busts involving the deep-fried delicacy are stranger than fiction

By Police1 Staff

There’s no better time to embrace the stereotype of law enforcement’s love affair with donuts than National Donut Day, and we’ve taken the opportunity to bring you the five best busts involving the deep-fried delicacy. From a wanted man's curious decision to show up at a police-sponsored donut eating contest to a wild pursuit of a stolen Krispy Kreme truck, these bizarre incidents prove truth is often stranger than fiction.

1. Texas cop arrives at doughnut shop seconds before robbery

An off-duty officer was at the right place at the right time when two hooded men attempted to rob a donut shop in Dallas. Moments after he pulled into the shop’s parking lot, he spotted the two suspects and lied in wait.

2. Wanted man wins police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest, arrested

A fugitive wanted for felony break-ins was busted after participating in an anti-crime donut-eating contest hosted by a North Carolina police department.

3. Cop impersonator demanding doughnut discount arrested

The man was no stranger to the Dunkin’ Donuts store and often demanded discounts, flashing his badge and holstered gun.

4. Wis. police pursue stolen donut truck

The suspect’s eyes must have been just as glazed as the donuts: among other charges, the perp was arrested for drunk driving.

5. Ore. burglars done in by donuts

Officers investigating a burglary involving donuts found boot prints left behind at the scene. After two men dressed in cowboy apparel offered the officers donuts, it was easy to put two and two together.

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