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4 police boot buying considerations

Boots are one of the most critical elements in your daily gear, so don’t cut corners to save a couple of dollars


All of your gear is important in law enforcement; however, few pieces of equipment affect your daily duty like footgear. Choosing the best tactical boots boils down to a few considerations:

  • Intended use;
  • Price point;
  • Comfort level;
  • Desired look.

The first and primary consideration is intended use. Some police departments create requirements that will dictate your choice (for example, ISO 9001 Certified Standards). If you are not required to comply with standards set by anyone else, then you will want to consider your use of the boot.

The next consideration is the price point. Some officers try to go to a big retailer or get lost on Amazon in myriad tactical boot options. The best choice is to know your budget then find the best option in that price range. Be aware, boots are one of the most critical elements in your daily gear, so don’t cut corners to save a couple of dollars. Blisters, cold feet, a lack of traction – the list goes on and on as to what you can expect from cheap tactical footgear.

In the end, you are never going to wear, much less enjoy, a pair of ill-fitting tactical boots. You may get by for a shift or two or a day here and there, but you will ultimately end up disliking your boots so much you will regret purchasing them. I recommend reading the reviews for each boot and finding the ones that appear to be a good fit for you.

Finally, the actual “look” you want to achieve is essential. Are you planning on blousing your pants over the top of your boots or not? Do you want black, or brown, leather or synthetic material?

Consider the use, price, comfort and look of your footgear, and you will be much happier in the end.

Watch this video to learn more about boot selection.

Ron Lyons served many years as a Dallas, Texas, area police officer. During his career, Ron specialized in drug interdiction and DWI enforcement and served in many roles, including K-9 handler, field training officer and drug interdiction specialist. In 1996, Ron set the federal record for the largest single seizure of cocaine in the eastern district. Having graduated Valedictorian of his police academy, Ron continued this trend by earning numerous commendations and awards throughout his career. Currently, he is a writer and the owner of Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply and host of the Lyons Tactical Radio Show on iTunes and Amazon Alexa. When Ron isn’t working, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, racing cars and writing music.