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International Armored Group is proud to present the brand new Sentinel ARV

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International Armored Group is proud to introduce the new Sentinel ARV. The Sentinel ARV is available in NIJ III and NIJ IV armor rated to stop up to .50cal rounds and is constructed using IAG’s patent SMART ARMOR design that has been battle tested and proven on hundreds of armored vehicles used by law enforcement and the military both stateside and abroad. The Sentinel ARV retains an off-road racing inspired heavy duty adaptive suspension system insuring industry leading off-road capabilities and on-road handling. The heavy-duty suspension and additional ground clearance is critical in disaster relief scenarios or rugged environments where other armored vehicles typically get stuck or cannot pass through. The Sentinel ARV also comes standard with military grade HD steel wheels, HD tires with Hutchinson Rodgard run-flats installed in them. An optional winch is available upon request to further enhance the vehicles capabilities.

The Sentinel ARV’s redesign added a slight bit of width and height to the vehicle making the interior more comfortable as well as functional. The additional space allows for the easy loading of a medical liter and the dual rear door design makes entry and exit more efficient. The dual rear doors are designed to lock into place at both 45° and 90° while built in steps provide access to the no-slip roof. The oversized rear step and platform insures ease of entry and exit while also providing plenty of space for operators to utilize the outside of the vehicle for rapid deployment.

There are two basic rear seating configurations for the Sentinel ARV with both seating setups including two large rear benches designed to accommodate 8 passengers with storage underneath for breaching tools and other equipment. For the middle row seats we offer two options, the first being forward facing fixed bucket seats and the second option being rear facing folding jump seats. We created the folding jump seat configuration for a Department that was looking for additional floor space and needed to load a medical liter from the side doors of the vehicle. When the folding seats are in the up position additional space is available providing quick loading and unloading of personnel and equipment. IAG prides itself in providing armored vehicles to exact client specifications so if your Department or Agency has a unique interior configuration please let us know and we can create a custom layout for your particular Sentinel ARV.

In addition to the new seating configurations, IAG has also increased the vehicles capabilities from an equipment stand point. The Sentinel ARV comes standard with two remote-controlled LED Go-Lights, a police light package, siren/PA as well as electrical outlets throughout the vehicle for added functionality of auxiliary equipment. Each vehicle has a master control panel positioned between the driver and co-driver seats that include Go-Light remote controls, siren/PA controls as well as the controls for the police lights. IAG offers an expansive options list for the Sentinel ARV that includes items such as thermal and IR camera systems, real-time video relay to command centers and vehicles, radiation and gas detection systems, as well as an automatic gas injection ram for breaching doors and walls.

One of the critical components of the Sentinel TRV redesign was keeping the pricing competitive with the other vehicles in the market and not passing on the additional cost to our customers. We were able to do this by leaning on our vast knowledge of vehicle and armoring design. The new Sentinel ARV starts at $189,500 and IAG offers a full grants program to assist with the purchasing of any of IAG’s armored vehicles. The grant assistance program is a no-cost program that we provide to all of our prospective Law Enforcement customers. Through the grants program, customers are able to get the funding assistance needed for the purchase of the armored vehicle while also providing relief to already tight agency budgets. The success of the grants program has been tremendous with many customers getting funding for their armored vehicles.

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