Eunice Police Purchase PatrolEyes HD Body Cameras

Eunice, NM Eunice Police Department has recently purchased 8 PatrolEyes HD body cameras. Eunice P.D. in Lee County, New Mexico serves a population of 3,000 people with 8 officers. Eunice Police Department is described as a progressive agency, dedicated to build a positive relationship and safe environment in their community.

An article featured by The Washington Times in 2014 stated that the department had already been using police body cameras for 4 years prior. Eunice Police Chief Jimmie Jones said that the cameras has helped with investigations. “The equipment has been nothing but a benefit”, Jones said. “The cameras are only as good as the person using them, or remembers when to activate them.”

In their recent purchase of PatrolEyes HD body cameras, Eunice Police Department went with the camera model because of it’s easy operations. “We liked the aspect that the camera vibrates when activated and also displays a red light when recording. The camera allows officers to keep their eyes on the suspect and know that the device is recording. The infrared option is fantastic and the ability to take photos is another valuable option.” stated Eunice Police Sergeant Charles Dudley.

PatrolEyes is an emerging leader in body worn video devices for law enforcement. With true HD 1080p recording, up to 170 degree field of view and 16GB or 32GB of storage, it can capture hours of footage. Recording can start with the press of a single button, even when the camera is turned off. The built in LCD allows you to review videos, photos or audio recordings in the field.

"Many departments are now seeing the value and reliability in the PatrolEyes brand. We provide departments with affordable options which allows them to deploy a cost effective but efficient body camera program . We give departments a choice. They can choose to use the camera with or without password protection, store data to a PC or send it to the cloud. Giving them this flexibility allows the PatrolEyes to meet the needs of a small police department or a large state police force.” states PatrolEyes CEO Mike Gramza.

About PatrolEyes

PatrolEyes by StuntCams is the most advanced HD body camera designed specifically for police and law enforcement. StuntCams has been an industry leader in the speciality cameras market for years and now has launched the most innovative body camera to date. By paying close attention to each detail the PatrolEyes by StuntCamswas designed to be the most user friendly body camera with the most advanced features, highest quality components, the longest battery life at the most competitive price.

PatrolEyes is determined to earn your trust and your business and offers a full 1 year manufacturer warranty on all parts and labor and offers fast, friendly, knowledgeable support, based right here in the USA.

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