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Tech & Safe Schools: Harnessing technology for enhanced school safety (eBook)

Actionable ideas to enhance the safety of schools in your community

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Download the eBook to learn actions you can take to enhance school safety and how your agency can access federal funds to curb school violence.

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School safety is a top priority shared not only among school administrators, staff, parents and students, but also among first responders and the public at large. By seamlessly integrating technology from the district level to the classroom, we can create a safe learning environment and enable a swift, coordinated response in the face of threats or security breaches.

By using integrated technology to identify threats and security breaches before they escalate, our nation’s students, faculty and staff can conduct the business of learning with greater peace of mind.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How to adopt a proactive approach to school safety through pre-incident monitoring and enhanced situational awareness.
  • How an Oklahoma school district is using a mobile app to create informed connections between schools and law enforcement.
  • How LEAs can partner with school officials and leverage federal grants funding for enhanced school security.