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Address threats with confidence

An accurate weapon helps officers shoot their best, reducing the chance that an officer will hit an unintended target

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An accurate firearm is safer for the officer and ensures no unintended target winds up in the line of fire.


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By Laura Neitzel, Police1 BrandFocus Staff

In the current atmosphere where the public is quick to label any officer-involved shooting as an act of police violence, the last thing any officer wants to do is fire a weapon and hit an unintended target. However, accidental shootings or unintentional discharges happen every year, despite officers’ efforts to avoid them.

While some of the deleterious effects of extreme stress can be mitigated through training and practice, the quality of the firearm can also make a notable difference.

Precision-engineering an “insanely accurate” firearm

“With a handgun that is easier to shoot, better to shoot and more accurate, you have less likelihood of missing the intended target and hitting an unintended target,” said Rick Evans, a 29-year law enforcement veteran and LE/Military business development manager at Staccato. “That reduces your risk management as it relates to civil liability for law enforcement.”

There are two advantages that a highly accurate firearm like Staccato pistols can offer to help ensure that if an officer needs to fire a round, it hits the intended target and no other.

First, Staccato pistols are precision-manufactured to a higher degree of tolerance, making them “insanely accurate,” said Evans. “It’s built and engineered to such a high degree that it is just a better shooting platform.”

Second, the Staccato is easy to shoot well, even under stress. “Staccato pistols are insanely accurate, helping officers of all shooting levels shoot their best,” said Evans. “1-inch groupings in 25 yards is common with Staccato pistols.”

See why this SWAT officer trusts Staccato:

That’s why nearly 700 law enforcement agencies across the country have approved Staccato for duty use, including Los Angeles Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Department and SWAT teams in Dallas Police Department and the City of Lakeland Police Department, to name a few.

No bullets go astray

In addition to diligent training, having an accurate pistol that allows an officer to address the threat with the fewest number of accurately placed rounds can help ensure that no bullets go astray.

“The fewer the rounds fired is always better for any situation,” said Evans. “So, if you’ve got a pistol that will allow you to address that threat where if, heaven forbid, you have to use deadly force, the most successful conclusion to that incident would be one in which no one was hit other than the suspect.”

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