Trending Topics service launch keeps personal addresses, phone numbers, and family details from prying eyes online

Free 14-day trial of a new service stops digital searches from turning into personal security horror stories in about an hour

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.,- In an age where everyone’s private details are as easy to get as fast food, most are unaware just how much sensitive personal information is one Google search away. Unfortunately, a home address, the name of a spouse and children, email addresses, and phone numbers are available to absolutely anyone, friend or foe. Concerned yet?

Enter, Created by a former law enforcement officer to protect every fellow officer in blue, their custom software is now offered with a two-week free trial to anyone who wants to keep themselves and their families safe online.

A 25-year veteran of law enforcement with a specialty in digital forensics, the company’s owner, Pete James, said, “Unfortunately, random and specific violence has been aimed at police officers. They’re targeted simply because, without, their personal information is available. The good news is, our software allows officers to quickly an easily remove their personal information from online people-search sites. We provide a layer of security and privacy to our clients after their information is removed from these websites.”

Sign up, log in, and find the sites where personal information is listed. In about an hour, the OfficerPrivacy software guides users to each site’s personal information removal page, helps them delete info and then keeps track of what’s been accomplished. Days later, just a quick check back is necessary to confirm the information is no longer listed. Free of charge for 14-days, users can remove an entire household’s information with a single account. For even greater convenience, also offers a premium service whereby their staff of former and current LEO’s will do the deletions for you.

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