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On-Demand Webinar: Success strategies for eliminating data silos in your evidence management system

Here’s why you should demand more from digital evidence management system

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Webinar sponsored by Axon

The proliferation of smart devices and cloud technologies have caused a fundamental shift in digital evidence management. While technology advancements have helped law enforcement identify new sources of evidence, the collection, management, and sharing of those various evidence types become increasingly overwhelming as the amount of digital evidence grows.

Agencies are burdened with antiquated processes — using multiple devices to capture and collect evidence, uploading data to disparate systems for playback and management, and resorting to burning and delivering hard-copy disks to share digital evidence. These outdated processes have created data silos, workflow inefficiencies, and unnecessary expenses for police agencies worldwide.

Modern policing demands a better way, and a modern DEMS enables agencies to do more with less. Axon Evidence streamlines evidence capture and collection, provides robust evidence management and playback capabilities, and enables fast cloud-based sharing of digital evidence. It’s the DEMS for the demands of modern policing.

Register and watch this video on demand to learn more about how Axon Evidence’s capture to courtroom workflow can enable your agency to save time and act with efficiency in your evidence management.

Meet the speakers

Robert Murphy
Robert leads Axon’s Digital Evidence Management (DEMS) teams, which focuses on the Axon Evidence and Axon Commander platforms, and serves thousands of agencies across the world. Before joining Axon in January 2017, Robert spent years at Cypress Semiconductor where he led the product development of solutions targeting the telecom and computing market. Robert graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Douglas Waller
Doug is obsessed with understanding problems and building products that empower people to accomplish more with less. Doug joined Axon’s Digital Evidence Management team in 2017 to lead the strategy and implementation of Axon Evidence’s Case Management and Sharing capabilities, which serve thousands of criminal justice agencies around the globe. Before joining Axon, Doug cut his teeth in the Seattle startup scene designing cloud-based solutions for the telecom market and building tools to bolster the effectiveness of internal teams. Doug earned his bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Washington State University and enjoys spending his free time outdoors cycling and backpacking.

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